The Antics of the Mischievous Traveller…

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Travel and being abroad on holiday can create a sense of liberation in people which means that they don;t always follow the rules by which they would normally live by. Do you feel a bit more reckless on holiday and do things you wouldn’t normally do? Travel website Hipmunk recently surveyed 1,000 travellers asking them about their behaviours and attitudes when travelling. And the results show that sometimes it’s clear that people can get just a little bit naughty when they are on holiday!

Check out the infographic below from the Hipmunk travel blog website revealing what happens when good travellers go bad!



Other naughty behaviours included:

37% of travelers surveyed have stowed away an extra overnight guest into their hotel rooms

12% of travelers surveyed have swiped a towel or robe from their hotel

21%   have admitted to driving faster than any US speed limit

Are you squeaky clean or guilty of any of the above?! Be honest…!

Love, Summer x

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