The Bikini that tells you when to apply sunscreen


A French tech company have released a new range of bikini’s that come with a special sensor that let’s the wearer know when they’ve been in direct sunshine for too long and when it’s time to apply another hit of sunscreen.

The sun-seeker starts with entering their skin type / personal information into the app whilst connecting the discreet sensor chip to the briefs of the bikini. The sensor then monitors the user’s exposure to the sun and harmful UV levels throughout the day and will send an alert to their phone when it’s time to slather on some more protection. Cool! Or not, as the case may be.


The sensor is removable and waterproof and directly transmits info to the app that the wearer must download and personalise in order to get maximum benefits from it. I know i’ve always been very intrigued about exposure to sun levels during a day at the beach so this technology will be a welcome addition to the tanning habits of health and safety conscious sun-seekers across the globe.


If you’re feeling a bit too lazy to reapply or you can’t quite get to those hard to reach places then there’s a special valentine’s day version of the app – downloadable by your significant other –who will receive an alert to their phone once it’s time to rub suncream into your back again. Servitude disguised as romance – now that is genius!

And you’d think that with something so high tech, the chances are that the designs would be somewhat, say frumpy, however the truth is quite the opposite! Spinali have a range of colourful and flattering bikini’s that accommodate the technology, and whilst they may not exactly be high fashion, they look good and they’re good for your health – you can’t really argue with that can you?


Enjoy the sun on your summer holiday and prevent sunburn whilst sunbathing with this great new invention from Spinali. Bikini’s start at $167 and can be custom made.

Check out this video via youtube news channel tomonews.

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